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Fiat Threatens to Stop all Italian-based Production

In the midst of a dispute with an Italian trade union, the boss of Fiat Sergio Machionne has threatened to shift all future production of Alfa Romeos, Jeeps and Fiats out of Italy altogether.

The dispute arose after a metalworkers’ union called Fiom won a ruling against Fiat allowing the trade union to represent Fiat’s factory workers when negotiating more flexible and better working conditions. Despite that, it’s been suggested that Fiat’s boss had given the go-ahead for new investments into each Italian factory to arrange new working conditions.

Unless Fiat and the trade union Fiom can come to an agreement, future models such as the small Maserati Levante will be built in the United States while the upcoming baby Fiat and Jeep SUVs could be constructed in Serbia!

Published: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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