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Difference between gasoline powered cars, hybrid, or electric.

Petrol -engined cars using oil as fuel. It was moved by the power of the internal combustion engine conversion .

The petrol engine is an internal combustion engine works based on an open flame and is designed specifically for use with petrol .

For hybrid cars , it is still using gasoline as a fuel as a conventional engine , however , it has an additional system of electric motor systems in which there are two engines used for the operation of this hybrid system .

The main engine is still petrol engines , while at a certain time that when using a lower gear , an electric motor will be automatically activated for fuel savings.

Hybrid vehicles are indeed worth saving and housing for those who travel frequently congested routes in the capital.

For electric cars, it depends entirely on electric power .

Rechargeable batteries are used to provide rotational movement on the engine, to propel the vehicle . Compared to hybrid cars, electric car batteries need to be recharged.

Published: Friday, February 7, 2014

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