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McLaren MP4-12C axed in favour of new 650S

The instant popularity of the new McLaren 650S has resulted in the death of the MP4-12C, just three years after its production debut.

Confirmed by McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt via letters sent to current owners of the 460kW/600Nm 12C, the British supercar manufacturer said it has decided to cease 12C production in light of the 650S’s success.

“The new car has been so well received since its unveiling at the Geneva motor show we will focus all our capacity at the McLaren Production Centre on 650S,” Flewitt says.

“After three years of 12C production, this represents a natural evolution of our model line-up.”

McLaren says owners of the 12C – a car that first rolled off the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) general assembly line on January 17, 2011 – will be able to take advantage of a free Technology Upgrade package starting in June.

Comprising new active aero software – allowing the 12C’s existing ‘Airbrake’ to ‘sense’ different driving scenarios when lifting off the throttle or cresting a hill – and an F1-style DRS (Drag Reduction System) mode, the upgrade package also includes improvements to the 12C’s Android-based IRIS system and a new external window lowering control aimed at aiding ingress and egress in confined spaces.

Published: Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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