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Audi TT crossover concept headed to Beijing

Audi TT-based concept is being readied for release, with sketches of a crossover-style vehicle appearing on the luxury German car maker’s press website.

Unaccompanied by any additional information, the trio of sketches were captioned “Audi Showcar Beijing 2014”, pointing to an April 20 unveiling.

The concept blends elements from the third-generation Audi TT that debuted in Geneva and the Allroad Shooting Brake concept from Detroit, melding the distinctive curved roofline of the coupe with the chunky off-road stance of the crossover.

The sketches seemingly add weight to reports that Audi is planning a family of vehicles based on its TT sports car. They come just one week after Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg was quoted as saying the brand was “working on future derivatives of the TT”, and pondered rhetorically if it could be “extended as a family car”.

The headlights, front grille and tail-lights mirror those of the new TT, while fiercely flared wheel arches and oversized alloys and tyres give the concept intimidatingly muscular proportions.

Rear doors are clearly visible on both sides of the concept, making its distinct from the TT and Allroad Shooting Brake concept, suggesting a greater focus on practicality and useability for families and those with active lifestyles. The single interior sketch reveals a TT-inspired cockpit with two individual seats in the back, one of which is folded forward and has skis placed on it.

Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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