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PETRONAS Primax 95 New Launch

Last week, PETRONAS has already launched new Primax 95 by Advanced Energy Formula. The launch took place at a petrol station PETRONAS Technology Park Malaysia at about 10 am. Speaking at the launch, Mr Mohd Yunus told Ibrahimnuddin new Primax 95 is produced by Petronas engineering success in developing automotive fluid technology to bring success to the team of Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One in Formula One this year.

We are very excited about the launch of new Primax 95 by Advanced Energy Formula because it provides higher performance and give longer trips to vehicle use. This is because the new Primax 95 to optimize the delivery of clean engine, and produces a finer spray gasoline to improve combustion and energy release. In addition, enhanced PRIMAX 95 can also reduce friction to minimize energy loss and thus provides better fuel economy.

The guests were shocked by the gimmick of a team of high-powered motorcycles during the launch of new Primax 95 by Advanced Energy formula. We also asked a few people motorcyclist had the opportunity to use new oil and it turns out they are very satisfied with the acceleration and power savings that can be obtained through the new Primax 95. For the record, the new Primax 95 is developed in collaboration with Petronas Primax Consultative Technical performance and driver team Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One, Lewis Hamilton and engineering group and a chemist at the center screening and research laboratory engines and vehicles in Asia and Europe.

Primax 95 new with Advanced Energy Formula is now available at all Petronas service stations nationwide. We at AK still yet to try but will certainly not miss the opportunity to fill our cars with 95 new PRIMAX after this. For more information, please visit or visit your nearest PETRONAS station.

Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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