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BMW Connected-Drive Review

BMW is rolling out its innovative ConnectedDrive in-car services system across its range from March and April production. Essentially, the idea according to BMW is that this technology will make drivers more efficient and, crucially, more mobile. BMW ConnectedDrive is based around and powered by a fully integrated and fixed on-board SIM card.

“This does not simply turn the car into another mobile device,” Lam says. “Instead, this turns the car into a virtual flow of information out of and into the car via a permanently installed SIM card that connects to the 3G network.”

In short, forget any preconceived notions you have of a fixed phone in the centre console. ConnectedDrive is the pathway to a whole lot more than that. It is a whole range of technologies that connect the car with the driver, and the world outside. This new system is all about what BMW is calling ‘telematics’. In other words, telecommunications, information technology and GPS data at your fingertips.

Importantly, any features of ConnectedDrive that aren’t considered to be ‘drivers aids’ are disabled unless the car is in park and the handbrake is applied.

Published: Thursday, June 19, 2014

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