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Honda Civic Type R in UK promo video.

Honda is still needed about another year to revive the Civic Type R hot hatch to challenge European lines, but the waiters did not stop Honda launch a promotion efforts in the UK with an advertising campaign that really weird.

Titled R-Rated, the marketing Honda Honda plays with the idea that the Type R is not for all drivers, and a short 60 minute film is definitely not for everyone. Video "teaser" is meant to symbolize the spirit of Civic by combining aggressive bizarre images with a glimpse of the new Civic Type R. During the 60 seconds, we are presented with a pack of wolves, bald models Strange, a woman with a samurai sword and a high-speed camera before getting to what we all want to see, the new Civic Type R. It was very strange, maybe a little "saiko" and maybe, maybe scary.

Perhaps the most frightening thing for the American people about the Civic Type R is that there are still big doubts about whether the car engine four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharge with 280 horsepower will reach U.S. showrooms or not. In Malaysia, not to mention, is not it?

Published: Friday, June 27, 2014

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