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Schumacher medical records stolen, sold to media

As usual, there is always someone who will ruin a good thing. The world has welcomed the news of Michael Schumacher awoke from a coma following a month-long ski accident, at the end of December. As one of the greatest drivers in Formula One history, no one wants to see Schumi spend the rest of his life on a hospital bed France. However, this beauty can not last long, as it was reported that the seven-time champion's medical records had been stolen and offered for sale to the media. World, world ..

So far, the suspect has not been identified. However, according to The Guardian, the French police have claimed to have detected the IP address of the e-mails that offer these records came from a Swiss helicopter company. E-mail has reportedly asked for 60,000 Swiss francs (USD 67.150) for documents consisting of more than a dozen sheets summary Schumacher condition.

Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's agent, has not confirmed that Schumacher's actual record, but according to The Guardian, he threatened to sue any media that publish it. This is not the first attempt to sell the "info" kind. Previously, an individual trying to get into her hospital room disguised as a Priest, and the other was pretending to be her father. Throughout this whole process, Kehm and family ask about the Schumacher complete privacy.

Published: Friday, July 11, 2014

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