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Nissan to focus on females in Japan

In a move aimed at attracting more female car buyers in Japan, Nissan has revealed plans to hire more female salespeople and establish a greater number of dealerships tailored for women.

Nissan already has what they term ‘ladies first’ dealerships and that number is set to triple. The Japanese carmaker aims to have 300 female friendly dealerships by the end of this financial year, and 700 by 2018.

According to Bloomberg News, executive vice president Takao Katagiri said Nissan Motor Co will also employ double the number of female staff by 2018, compared to two years ago.

In 2013 Nissan launched its ‘ladies first’ concept, following a study that revealed 75 percent of car purchasing decisions are made by women, either on their own or together with their partner.

The dealerships will house more of the models targeted at women, within a more stylish and colourful showroom, and some will have things like breastfeeding rooms and children’s play areas.

We can expect to see changes in Nissan’s executive line-up in the future too. Currently seven percent of high-level jobs are held by women, with plans to increase that percentage to 10 by 2018.

Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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