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Radio is still the main source of entertainment in the car.

The drivers today have a variety of options for entertainment in their cars, whether playing music from your smartphone or use the advanced infotainment system which is located at the end so. Although these fancy technology may be the focal point of car sales, many consumers still have a problem to understand how to use it all. In fact, even with advances in technology, radio AM / FM still reigns in the streets to hear the audio, and the CD also still popular.

Traditional radio in the car was considered to have ended several years ago, but two studies conducted in 2015 by market research firm Ipsos found that the driver still does not want to part with it again. Of their vote, 84 per cent of drivers reported they heard AM or FM radio, and 62 percent of them turn it at least once a day. In addition, the 67 percent of them say that radio is the main audio source when they are behind the wheel.

As written above, more surprisingly, even in the wake of streaming music service (online), CD (compact disc) is still quite popular. In the study, 64 percent of respondents still reported using it, and they took an average of 10.5 CD in their car. Maybe the technology has long abandoned this may still remain in our car a few more years.

Meanwhile, streaming services probably have a problem in finding paying customers. Of all respondents, only 29 percent of drivers have a paid subscription to one of the company's streaming, and the remainder, 80 per cent said that they did not want to spend each month for this service.

Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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