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Mazda2 SKYACTIV-D - diesel technology is impressive.

Mazda2 SKYACTIV-D is the latest model which tried, but have not yet opened for sale here, exhibiting a very interesting side as a passenger car.

The hatchback design, CBU units driven Japan's weight is 1,129 kilograms. Accompanying diesel engine capacity of 1.5 liter, six-speed automatic transmission with Activematic, with a fuel tank capacity is 44 liters. It also uses direct injection system electronic.

All these features contribute to the rate of fuel consumption efficiency; when you first turn on the engine, a full tank shows the distance that can be achieved when it is 634 kilometers on one full tank (reading is certainly going to change based on driving style after that). It is worth mentioning, the reading shown is based on the use of diesel Euro2 time.

During the experiment, the best fuel consumption readings were 23 kilometers per liter, is achieved when the highway at a speed 110kmj uneven.

For the record, BH Auto also runs a quick test to see the difference in performance of this model using Euro5 diesel, the new standard will be widely marketed soon, which will be described in a separate report later.

'Performance' savings are impressive. However, also the driving performance is not sacrificed. He became a car that was fun to drive. Factors favorable to ordinary diesel vehicles, all of which are on the Mazda2 diesel.

Tork delivery more linear feel like compared to the same presentation on a pickup truck, and mobilized the energy provided will make you smile. Small capacity diesel engines that if not tried, it might be thought not able to provide the drive that can be said volume and detail.

From inside the cabin also 'noise' diesel engine sounded very minimum. The interior of the car has also become a kind of a very different atmosphere; unless adequate space for rear passengers a little leg space is limited.

The rest of it has the precision and comfort of their own as an exciting compact size car. The design, as can be seen, there is no need long explanations; he appeared handsome and well-built, thereby compelling sporty touch.

Which became a huge advantage for this car is its fuel efficiency technologies that are quite far ahead compared to other models in the same category.

Published: Friday, May 29, 2015

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