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Feedback From Auto Sector Scheme About Biodiesel B10

Immediately after the report on the implementation of B10 biodiesel in Malaysia from October, BMW Group Malaysia has provided a response to the suit. They hope the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities will consider feedback from the automotive sector before implementing B10 biodiesel program in October.

"Malaysia's modern engines today are biodiesel in accordance with B7, although biodiesel is introduced with a view to promoting the use of clean and green technologies as well as to increase domestic consumption of palm oil products in the country, we need to ensure that the technology is safe and proven to benefit the sector industrial and automotive, "he said.

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group Malaysia, Alan Harris, said they were never tested the B10 biodiesel around the world have significant technical challenges after today's conventional fuels blended with 10 percent of oil-based methyl ester.

"Tests on the vehicle found that the fatty-acid methyl ester (FAME), which boils at a higher temperature, will move into the motor oil caused by the establishment of regeneration resulting in thinning of the engine oil, because it does not evaporate when the engine is running at high temperatures ,

"This in turn will lead to a sludge oil and reduce lubrication and this will cause severe damage to the engine," he said in a statement here Monday.

According to Harris, the deposit was also detected in the injector due to the lack of compatibility of additives with FAME, add a layer of polymer on the injector result in a variety of injection and an unstable idle speed, creating negative emissions and engine acoustics change.

B10 Biodiesel also causes the presence of water at a higher level in the fuel, which will cause corrosion of components that transport fuel and oxidation in the tank, thus, blocking the fuel filter.

Published: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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