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BMW Vision Next 100 concept unveiled

The BMW Vision Next 100 concept has been unveiled as part of the company’s centenary celebrations, previewing what might be ahead for the luxury marque in its second century.

Inside the cabin, the Vision Next 100 features a conceptual system, dubbed Alive Geometry, that consists of 800 or so moving luminous triangles embedded into the dashboard and side panels. These triangles can point out an ideal driving line, potential dangers ahead, or inform passengers when the autonomous braking system is about to engage.

An external version of Alive Geometry system allows for flexible body panels, which ensure that wheels remain fully covered even when they are turned.

The car’s slinky shape and wheel coverings are said to help the car cut through the air with a coefficient of drag of just 0.18.

The Vision Next 100 has seating for four people and does without any traditional screens, preferring instead to display information on the windscreen via a head-up display and augmented reality-style projections.

The company believes that autonomous vehicles are a question of when not if, but that owners of BMW cars will still prefer to steer for themselves most of the time.

Published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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