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2014 Dodge SRT Viper TA

The Dodge SRT Viper TA (time attack) 2014 is expected to be best class two seater model with the best performance in the market. It is the predecessor of the old Dodge SRT Viper models. This new model is going to revive the previous models in an enhanced way. It has been given all the latest technologies and also great performance capability. It is however a limited edition model, as only 2500 of such models are going to be manufactured by the company.

The car is extremely powerful, providing a powerful driving experience. It is able to produce 370 HP. The car has also been given enhancements in the exterior and the interior. The model is hoped to prove historic for the future of the car. It is a true mark of style, performance, heritage and quality.

The new model will be available in unique and attractive Orange color for its exterior. It also has a trimmed bodyline with a unique design. The front grille of the car has been given a pure satin black color. The car is also incorporated with a vinyl hood having graphics, roof wrap, and the graphic bearing the name on the rear panel of the car. The wheels of the car are of 20 inches and are aluminum painted in Glossy black color.

The engine of the car is very powerful, giving very high speed and great control. The steering of the car and the suspension gives it the mode of a sports car. The interior of the car has been given a cool Style. The seats are all ventilated. They all have the new stitches and piping from the exclusive Daytona design.

The car has been given a very classy look with the exterior bearing a great stance. Stylish chassis and front end makes it stand out wherever it goes.

Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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