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Ute Comparison

Toyota Hilux ute could be the first this year to claim the title of best-selling vehicle in Australia . It is well known and successfully marketed as ' Fragile ' , but when it can also be used to grip the segment , this is a boom time for all utilities .

They are one eighth the new car market in Australia , and growing. Utes in 2009 the second most popular vehicle segment after a small car ; far in 2013 4 × 4 models do not have their 4 × 2 twins to achieve that status.

Dual - cab is mainly responsible for the rise of the ute . With the rear seats more support and consistent traybacks versatile, these large utes - as called ' One tonners ' to their load capacity - has been the choice for Tradies looking vehicle that they can be used as a workhorse during the week and as a family hauler on weekend .

They also have great appeal as an alternative lifestyle vehicles to SUVs . Manufacturers have been slow to seize the trend is to make utes today 's more suitable for a dual- purpose role . There is no greater example of the security , the area where the utes have a history of being poor . In 2009 , safe utes still reached only four out of five stars in independent crash tests , and the most you can expect as standard are anti-lock brakes and some air bags . The majority of new utes , however , is a five star entertainer and offers six airbags that also help to protect the occupants in the rear .

They consist of the model Ford Ranger , Mazda BT - 50 , Volkswagen Amarok and Holden Colorado that feature as part of this comparison - along with similar new Isuzu D- Max that just missed the five-star rating .


Ute turbo diesel power ruled the roost , for greater power draw biased torque engines hold more fuel .

If you buy a ute solely on the output torque , the Nissan Navara STX is the obvious choice . 3.0-liter V6 that produces 550Nm - 17 per cent more torque than the next powerful engine , 470Nm 3.2-liter five-cylinder found in the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT - 50 , and 2.8 -liter four- cylinder in the Holden Colorado .

It is also the most powerful, with 170kW , although the numbers are not the same impressive bragging rights towing. For braked towing capacity , Navara sits at an average of 3000kg segments with D -Max , Triton and Amarok , all shy 500kg class-leading Rangers , BT -50 and Colorado . Hilux is the last , with a 2500kg .

D- Max , although associated with Colorado , also continue with (modified , 380Nm ) 3.0 -liter four- cylinder , as well as the Hilux . Toyota has the least amount of torque ( 343Nm ) but at least deliver peak torque from the lowest point in the rev range here - 1400 to 3400rpm .

Triton has the second smallest engine - a four-cylinder 2.5 -liter - and the second lowest in the torque output of the car : 350Nm at 1800rpm . Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 have only 2.0 -liter four- cylinder , but it uses two turbochargers to produce a healthy 420Nm .

Published: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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