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Infiniti FX37 S Premium

In comparison with the market rivals, the FX comes with an impressive list of standard features and none of those surprisingly expensive options. Simply open the door and you are immediately greeted with a convincing prestige character. From the semi-quilted leather seats to the vast array of buttons and gadgets on the dash and centre console, every aspect is standard and built with high attention to detail and quality.

Speaking of buttons, the interior is almost five years old now and it’s the sheer amount of buttons that tends to give away the age. Vehicles these days are more about clean, clutter-free interaction. In the FX, it can be a bit overwhelming. On the contrary it is rather fun just sitting inside and going through all of the functions.

Some of the standout features that you’ll enjoy include dual-zone climate control, an awesome 11-speaker premium stereo system with its in-built harddrive, automatic wipers and headlights (with active bending beams), an electric sunroof, electric heated and cooling seats in the front, adaptive damper settings, and a large LCD multimedia interface.

You can use the interface to adjust pretty much all settings. It uses a full colour display and a chrome-plated rotary control toggle which sits just beneath the screen. The graphics are excellent and the full surround camera views are crystal clear, giving you ample confidence to park in those lucky spots.

About the only flaw to the interface is the location of the control knob. We think it would be a lot nicer if it was placed down near the gear selector like what is seen in some of the German rivals – it can become a bit tiring reaching up every time you want to change something.

Comfort was obviously high on the agenda for creators of the FX. Sitting up front in the big leather seats is extremely relaxing. You feel a definite sense of security sitting behind the chunky dash and front bulkhead. The driving position is spot-on as well, and you can lower the seat right down for that sporty, car-like position.

In the back, the seats are probably even nicer than in the front. There’s plenty of legroom on board and the entire bench can be reclined for the ultimate in pampered, chauffeur-style luxury. Vents in the back blow soft wafts of air over you like you’re being feathered with royalty. It’s divine.

The FX can be a bit tricky threading through tight city streets. This is due to the fact that it’s 1925mm wide, which is only 15mm narrower than a Nissan Patrol. It’s also just under 5000mm in length, and vision through the rear is rather poor, which means the standard surround cameras are more of a necessity than a convenience.

Published: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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