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Infiniti FX30d Review

The Infiniti FX SUV is by all accounts a unique car. That’s not ‘unique’ because it’s a rare SUV that doesn’t sell in decent numbers – therefore ensuring exclusivity – but also because few SUV models short of a BMW X6 or Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 can match its styling swagger.

The Infiniti FX range consists of three engine variants each available in three grades. During the Christmas break we took an FX30d S away for the holidays to see how it would stack up against the likes of the BMW X3 and X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML.

The FX30d is powered by a Renault-designed 3.0-litre turbodiesel with 175kW and 550Nm of torque. Impressive figures, no doubt, but beaten on power by the same size engine in the X5 xDrive30d (180kW and 520Nm) and a tough match for Mercedes-Benz’s 190kW/620Nm 3.0-litre diesel in the ML350 CDI.? Despite its comparable shortcomings, the diesel engine works well with the seven-speed automatic with smooth power and lag-free acceleration. There’s certainly no sense that additional power or torque is needed as you drive around town or on the highway and the FX30d accelerates from 0-100km/h in a respectable 8.3 seconds.

On the inside the FX is, unfortunately, easily recognisable as part of the Nissan family of cars. It shares a great deal of components with the 370Z on which its chassis is based. Everything from the keyfob to the entertainment system and even the air-con switches – it’s all Nissan-like.

If you haven’t been in a 370Z or Maxima you probably wouldn’t notice it, but it can be hard to compare side by side with a BMW or Mercedes-Benz when it has Nissan componentry. This is the exact same problem Lexus faced some years ago and the company has worked extensively to overcome that image. Infiniti should be no different.

Published: Friday, March 28, 2014

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