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The Audi RS6 is without a doubt one of our favorite all-round cars. At the recent Geneva Motor Show tuning company ABT surprised with an even more extreme version of the RS6. Reason for us to travel down to Kempten in Southern Germany to take the ABT RS6-R out for a spin and find out what its really like!

We are lucky and its beautiful weather in Bavaria. The RS6-R stands aggressively on 22 inch wheels with summer tires. It is waiting for us to take it out on a lap of autobahn, country roads and some city driving from Kempten to the Alps and back.

But before we depart we go through the spec sheet of the ABT RS6-R to see how it compares with the ‘normal’ Audi RS6. Walking around the car it is clear we are dealing with a different beast here; extensive use of carbon fibre along the front bumper, wider wheel arches, diffuser and rear wing.

The ABT RS6-R is based on the recent Audi RS6 facelift model and inside you will find all the latest Audi tech including Google Maps navigation, voice controls and Audi dynamic select to chose different setups for everything from the sound to the throttle- and gearbox responds.

ABT enhanced the interior with their own sports steering wheel with LED gear change indicator, ABT sport seats and various RS6-R badges and logos to indicate what you are driving.

But most notable of all changes is the performance upgrade. The standard Audi RS6 is by no means a slow car, with 560hp and 700Nm of torque you can give most sportscars a run for their money and it truly excels in how easy it is to drive. ABT believed it could do better though and they installed their own additional ECU and power upgrade dubbed ABT Power S to lift the performance to a staggering 730hp and 920Nm of torque in the ABT RS6-R.

ABT also replaced the Audi RS exhaust with its own high-performance exhaust. Just like the Audi RS exhaust the ABT exhaust has flaps to control the noise output – set it to dynamic and you can wake up the entire city at night but set it to comfort and you can conveniently get home without waking up the neighbours. The exhaust tips are finished in black with ABT logo. Last but not least ABT replaced the standard springs with slightly stiffer examples.

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2015

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