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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Review

The 4C Spider is bound to carry a higher price tag than its coupe sibling when it finally launches in November, so in that respect you could argue it’s got even more cachet.

Despite this, visual changes between the Spider and the Coupe are really quite subtle, bar the removable roof – if you can call it a roof. Weighing all of 7kg, it’s a simple roll-up canvas device that can be removed in minutes and conveniently stored in the luggage compartment behind the engine.

There’s room spare for another small bag, but that’s about it as far as luggage space goes because there is no storage at all up front.

Other changes include a carbonfibre windscreen frame, (unique to the Spider) that’s bonded and bolted to the car’s carbonfibre tub, providing extra rigidity and strengthening for the cockpit to compensate for thinner glass on the windscreen and side windows.

It’s more of a Targa-style arrangement than a full open-top convertible, but it works better than expected, providing a buffet-free zone when removed, even during sustained high-speed blasts.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s quiet. Above 80km/h things can get quite boisterous in the cabin.

Remarkably, those weight-saving measures mean the 4C Spider weighs only 10kg more than its coupe sibling, while giving away nothing in the performance stakes: 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds.

And the Spider loses more than just a roof. Gone is the pretty Ferrari-esque glass engine cover that adorns the Coupe version. Instead we get a solid buttressed cover that looks striking for its multiple meshed heat extractors.

Unlike the odd-looking spider-eyed headlight cluster on the Launch Edition 4C, the Spider gets a more streamlined single light assembly with plastic cover.

Published: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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