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Seriously how she could not notice the car!

Anyway, here's a crazy Russian video, the craziest yours truly has seen all year. You can tell your friends about it and when you do, make sure the rights of women everywhere not damaged, because that would be so wrong.

This SUV driver is just minding his business on a normal day. An incoming young lady in a Hyundai Getz just plain fails to brake even though his car is right there, in plain view. She smashes it without a hint of braking beforehand and because she's not wearing a seatbelt her head hits the glass which probably knocked her unconscious.

The only way this would make sense is if she was either drunk, which is unlikely, or not actually a drive. She might also have been spooked by the pedestrians she almost hits beforehand.

This is why you should always watch out when on the road. You can't even take simple facts like "she can see me" for granted.

Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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