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Woman Driver Knocks Scooter Twice then Flees

Driving should simply be forbidden for some people, men and women alike. It's obvious that the basics sets of commands and operations one needs to get to master is way too much in certain cases.

And this goes even for driving in a straight line, so try to imagine what's going on when maneuvers in a tight parking spot are on the day's menu.

For example, this lady, who seem utterly incapacitated to drive straight backwards, then steer and drive away.

Not only is she unable to pull out of her parking spot, but she steers lousily and hist the scooter.

Now, since it was obvious that the scooter was in a bad place that day, she moves it, but only to fail once more and crash again into it, this time flipping it.

So once out on the street, screw the scooter and drive off! Wonder whether she would have done the same with a big bike...

Published: Monday, November 18, 2013

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