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New Renault Megane Stars in 1700 KM Lover's Fight

Remember Renault's funny commercial from last year where F1 ace Kimi Raikkonen drove a Megane 1700 kilometers for no good reason? Well now, the car is back with another cool ad, this time focusing on a young couple.

The ad for the "New Megane" is called Catch me if you can and features a woman who in quarelling with her guy decides to run off in the long-range Renault. He chases her in a taxi which soon runs out of few, followed by other vehicles that simply can't do the automotive marathon.

From a driving range point of view, the Megane has not changed. It's still got the same 1700-kilometer potential as it did when Kimi drove it. However, for 2014, a new front end has been added to the car for a more modern look.

Will the nosejob and a promise of longevity be enough to convince you to buy the Megane? Probably, but there's something that's just wrong with a girlfriend that does what this girl did.

Published: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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