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Tesla 2016 Model X Spied on Video

Considering that the headquarters are located roughly 25 miles from Tesla Motors’ Fremont factory, the place of the spotting does make sense. In addition to this, you may remember that Fremont is gearing up for 2016 Tesla Model X production.

The American EV manufacturer recently acquired from Germany-based Durr AG 100 paint robots, 48 handling robots and 26 sealing robots. All 174 robots will be ready to work their magic this summer, a time that coincides with what Mr. Elon Musk promised recently: the “X is done” and it's coming this summer.

But then you look at the video and this Tesla Model X prototype looks nearly production-ready, except for the enormous gap between the Falcon Wing Doors and the rear door jambs. Regarding the front fascia design, the front grille and the fog lights are remarkably similar to the Model S’ units.

Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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