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M-Zero Is India's First Supercar

They are working on India's first supercar, based on a lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. What's under the hood is yet to be decided, but M-Zero's makers are opting for parallel hybrid mid-engine configuration. The main dilemma is what beast of an engine will go under the hood, as MMM engineers are evaluating two options: a 4.0-liter AMG-sourced bi-turbo V8 or the 4.8-liter NA V10 powering the Lexus LFA.

Overall power output for the internal combustion engine is aimed at over 500 HP, but the electric motor will also throw in around 250 HP for a combined 750 HP tally. Maximum torque should be rated at 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) but the M-Zero will act more like a torpedo.

That's because MMM plans on installing a sort of crosshair-shaped rear end to improve stability and enhance aerodynamics. Just think of the 'small missiles' used by darts players. Next in line is the Turbulizer, a solution that makes the body's boundary layer thinner and lowers aerodynamic drag. There will also be a Fingerprint Keyless entry feature but don't get your hopes up, as the company is looking for funds.

Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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